29 June 2008

I *heart* mangos. Or mangoes. Or however you spell them.

Remember the strawberry-balsamic vinegar ice cream and mango sorbet I was telling you about? They were amazing, if I may say so myself. And yes I can say so myself, because their success depended entirely on the recipes and not the cook. And a light hand when it comes to vinegar.
First, the strawberry-balsamic experiment. This one definitely sounded interesting, and I really wasn't sure if it was going to elicit smiles or puckers from my trusty taste-testers, but I think it went over pretty well. The vinegar adds a bit of bite and tartness to an ice cream base that would normally be too rich and dense/creamy to properly enjoy. Thanks to The Traveler's Lunchbox for the link to Delicious Days' version (above), as well as finally providing a clear explanation of the difference between ice cream and gelato! I was so relieved to finally have this bit of info. Why are you rolling your eyes? This is pertinent info! Especially as it relates to my next experiment, Chocolate Gelato #2.
Custard base with strawberry puree and cream
The finished product!
Oh, but up next--the mango sorbet... oh wow. I am in love. This was the star of the pair, in my opinion. I bought a box of mangos recently from Costco, and they were just right in ripeness, but I couldn't eat them all in a few days, no matter how hard I tried. :-) A bunch of them ended up in my freezer because I couldn't stand the thought of them going overripe. I thawed one later and ate it out of a bowl... hm... it was ok but I thought there had to be a better way to enjoy it. Well I never knew sorbet could be so good! This was creamy (despite not having any dairy in it) and sweet, but not icy, just full of deep, bright mango flavor. It might take up permanent residence in my freezer this summer, for however long I can get good mangos. Thanks to Ice Cream Ireland for inspiring me to visit Kerry County, Ireland, for the landscape and charming towns, if not simply for the ice cream. :-) It's on the travel list.

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Kieran said...

Yeah - it's amazing how creamy the mango sorbet can come out. Delicious.