03 November 2010

Summer ride

I forgot to post these pictures from... what? a month ago?  Something like that.  Tonight I'm not feeling so hot (very sore from XF workouts and a pinched nerve(?) in my back, and my allergies are acting up), so I'm home and just bumming around. I made stuffed squash and a plum pie of sorts.  For the squash, I cut a kabota squash in two, roasted for half an hour, then filled it with sauteed beef, onion, apple, cranberries and pecans, then continued roasting for another 20 minutes.  Really tasty fall dinner.  The pie is a little different. I'm just trying to make some room in my freezer for stuff I know I'm going to want to store soon (cooked pumpkin, sausages, applesauce).  I thawed a bag of sliced plums from the abundance currently overtaking my freezer and simply poured (very juicy!!) them into a pie plate with a little butter.  I'm playing around with almond flour a lot these days, so I made a top crust with almond flour, almond paste, egg, vanilla, and butter.  It tastes great, even if it is more like plum soup with a biscuit on top. 

Anyway, on to the pictures I was going to show you!  These are just from a bike ride I took to Barber Park in September.  Might be the last one I do this year.

These deer were just off the path.  They watched me warily but never flinched or ran.  I sat and watched them for a while.