08 December 2007

Sing with me! "This is iiiidahooo...."

9am this morning:

3pm this afternoon:

Completely surprised

So look at these cookies. The dough has melted chocolate in it, so it was really soft when I scooped it onto the cookie sheet. I thought, no way are these going to hold any kind of shape.

But they did!

Chocolate-oatmeal-walnut-butterscotch cookies:

02 December 2007

Hiking part II

I love this shot... reminds me of Robert Frost's "Two roads diverged in a wood...". Except that, well, there's only one road. But we won't tell him.

01 December 2007

Oh the speed capabilities... be still my heart

Back at the visitor's center at Starved Rock State Park. Look at this lineup of lovelies!!

Hiking Starved Rock SP

A short trail from the small parking lot leads to this canyon, full of sand on one side (seems like it's all sand) and shale on the other.
Every trail is built like a boardwalk.

Fall colors!
This was a cool old tree we saw on the trail with octopus arms.