27 April 2010

In the double-digits of April

 For the past week, I've been a lazy bum.  My foot has actually healed very quickly, and Mom had planned on staying for the whole week (we didn't know how fast the recovery would go this time around), but I had to keep the surgical boot on per doctor's orders.  So what did we do?  Well...

She did this...

and made these...

while I admired these...

and we both tackled this.  Sage, thyme, rosemary, and basil.  The last spot on the bottom will get cilantro.

I made a little progress going through this montstrous stack of magazines I inherited from you-know-who (I've decided if they aren't read by May 31, they will be gone!).

Mom also bought each of us one of these - a little book called "One Sketch a Day: a Visual Journal", which is meant to be an image-based diary of sorts.  It's fun!

Mom started it off for me.

On other days and at other times...

I finally hung Grandma's trays on my kitchen wall.  I wanted to keep them, but I didn't have storage space for them, and for the longest time they stayed in a corner on the floor.  Finally I found a solution that wouldn't damage the walls - 3M velcro strips!  They make them specifically for picture hanging.

I got an unexpected surprise of a tax refund, so I took a fun little trip to Cost Plus, one of my favorite stores.  In no particular order: a fun wallet that can hold my travel documents when I fly...

the long-anticipated bacon chocolate bar (two of my favorite flavors! Imagine!)...

and the also-much-anticipated ramekins. I come across so many recipes that either call for ramekins or would work well in a smaller dish for individual portions at dinner parties.  These are 6 oz each and they came 2 for $3.  Not bad!  I got 6. :-)  Mmm... I think the first thing I will make is Martha's lemon souffle that I've had bookmarked for YEARS.

Today it hailed (again), and it was wam and overcast all day.  I don't mind that kind of weather, especially when I have to be inside working.  I  made a so-so dinner of cooked spinach with nutmeg and some shrimp sauteed in butter.  It was ok, but I don't think I'll be repeating that one.  I've been having problems with spinach anyway - it gives my tongue and teeth a really odd dry feeling due to the oxalic acid.  I actually don't mind spinach, especially in salads, but I might have to avoid it from now on. 
Book club is this Friday; we are reading Perelandra by C.S. Lewis.  Have any of you read his space trilogy?  I'm not a sci-fi fan typically, but these books are analogies and ideas about Christian life and they make you think about some things in a different way.  I've enjoyed them. (Perelandra is the second of the three.)
Well, that's current life from Apartment 308.  Rather calm these days.  I can't wait to play tennis again!  See pictures on Meredith's blog!

21 April 2010

Third Time's a Charm

So the toes are resting comfortably...

but the arms are a little sore!  It took 4 tries to get the IV in.

Success!  Hardware is out.

Mom keeping me company.

The local anesthesia has worn off and my foot is a little sore, but I haven't taken any pain meds today, which is good.  Hopefully I'll be walking on it (with boot) tomorrow!  And then I get to take Mom out to dinner for her birthday.  Mmm... fondue!

18 April 2010

Today's episode of "Which Season Is It Anyway?" included...

hot sunshine
the smell of sunscreen (love!)
strawberries and cream
driving with the windows down and radio blaring
running the air conditioner
wearing shorts and tank tops
wearing a short skirt (for tennis people!)
flinging the apt windows open wide
mondo lunch salad
bare feet

17 April 2010


Just found out this week that I'm going to be an auntie again!  This will be number 6, and I hope it's a girl so SHE can balance out the testosterone-dominant nephew/niece race.  (6 kids in 5 years from two brothers?  Yeah I call that a race.)  Even if it is a girl, though, it will still only be 2 girls v. 4 boys.  And what happens after that, nobody knows...

I love being an aunt.  Being called "Auntie Ri" (usually with a few exclamation marks behind it, and almost invariably the "ree" sound is pronounced "wee"!) is quite possibly the sweetest thing I've ever experienced.  Our family is really blessed to have this many kiddos in a short time, and I love every one of 'em!  I do wish the other half of them were within driving distance though...  *hint hint*  hee hee...  and the tug'o'war continues.

This and That and a little Smack

Wow, it's been a little quiet around here!  I know I do this a lot - I get into posting, I keep up for a few weeks, and then... silence.  Yep, pretty sure that's called Life.  Heh heh.  I hope to have time to put a few interesting things up here for your enjoyment next week after my foot surgery.  Considering the pain meds my doc gave me, it might even get Very interesting.

Speaking of surgery, yep, this will be my third foot surgery in 2 years, and yep, it's on the same foot (lefty).  Thankfully (really - I've very grateful for this), this time I'm not having any real issues with the bone structure or tendons/ligaments, I'm just getting the hardware out.  I've been trying to find shoes since last October - mainly boots, and more recently, sandals - and out of the dozens and dozens I've ordered and returned, almost all of them make contact with the skin on top of my foot right where the first metatarsal lies.  Which is exactly where the plate and 2 screws are, which means it's very uncomfortable and would cause a sore if I actually went ahead and wore the shoes.  Unlike most girls who love shoes, they have become the bane of my existence.  Just ask my friend Lori how many times I had to re-tie my running shoes right before our 10k last summer.  I think it was around 25...  I am SO happy it's summertime and I can wear flipflops finally! 

How is summer looking in your part of the world?  Today was our first real "hot" day, clocking in at 85 degrees, and so I promptly went out and got a sunburn, of course.  :-)  I'm taking tennis lessons from a good friend, and right now we're meeting at 3pm on Saturdays.  It's so much fun and she does a great job of coaching. I've already improved my forehand, but we're discovering that my strength is in my backhand.  Duck Colleen! 

A few of our other friends are also taking lessons and it's been a lot of fun to play together.  But here's where my smacktalk comes in.  Today I DOMINATED the "Queen of the Court" game.  5 rounds in a row of beating my opponent.  Other than that little stint, I really can't talk, however.  2 of the other girls took lessons last summer and are far better than I.  But here's fair warning, Meredith and Stacy - you're going down!  ha ha ha....

So with that....  what are you doing inside in front of the computer?!  It's a gorgeous day!
Have a great weekend!