17 April 2010

This and That and a little Smack

Wow, it's been a little quiet around here!  I know I do this a lot - I get into posting, I keep up for a few weeks, and then... silence.  Yep, pretty sure that's called Life.  Heh heh.  I hope to have time to put a few interesting things up here for your enjoyment next week after my foot surgery.  Considering the pain meds my doc gave me, it might even get Very interesting.

Speaking of surgery, yep, this will be my third foot surgery in 2 years, and yep, it's on the same foot (lefty).  Thankfully (really - I've very grateful for this), this time I'm not having any real issues with the bone structure or tendons/ligaments, I'm just getting the hardware out.  I've been trying to find shoes since last October - mainly boots, and more recently, sandals - and out of the dozens and dozens I've ordered and returned, almost all of them make contact with the skin on top of my foot right where the first metatarsal lies.  Which is exactly where the plate and 2 screws are, which means it's very uncomfortable and would cause a sore if I actually went ahead and wore the shoes.  Unlike most girls who love shoes, they have become the bane of my existence.  Just ask my friend Lori how many times I had to re-tie my running shoes right before our 10k last summer.  I think it was around 25...  I am SO happy it's summertime and I can wear flipflops finally! 

How is summer looking in your part of the world?  Today was our first real "hot" day, clocking in at 85 degrees, and so I promptly went out and got a sunburn, of course.  :-)  I'm taking tennis lessons from a good friend, and right now we're meeting at 3pm on Saturdays.  It's so much fun and she does a great job of coaching. I've already improved my forehand, but we're discovering that my strength is in my backhand.  Duck Colleen! 

A few of our other friends are also taking lessons and it's been a lot of fun to play together.  But here's where my smacktalk comes in.  Today I DOMINATED the "Queen of the Court" game.  5 rounds in a row of beating my opponent.  Other than that little stint, I really can't talk, however.  2 of the other girls took lessons last summer and are far better than I.  But here's fair warning, Meredith and Stacy - you're going down!  ha ha ha....

So with that....  what are you doing inside in front of the computer?!  It's a gorgeous day!
Have a great weekend!


...more than your average nurse said...

what's the next surgery? and would the orthopedic surgeon consider removing the painful hardware?

Mere said...

And I was so nice to you on my tennis post!!!! ;-)