21 March 2010

Boise State Capitol

I forgot to tell all of you about visiting the capitol building with Mom while she was here in February.  Idaho's state capitol building is made mostly of sandstone and marble, and was recently renovated (it's been closed for about 3 years and has finally reopened).  Some of the marble in the building is actually scagliola, a composite mix often spread over an existing surface to look like marble.  It is also the only state capitol to be heated by a geothermal well (the same source from which my apartment building derives its heat, which is why my heat is "free"!). 

Standing on the third floor, lookup up into the dome.  Note the tiny little spiral staircase which allows staff to access the roof and paint the gold eagle on the very top.

Looking down from the second floor past the first floor rotunda to the "garden level" floor.  The flooring and banisters seen here are original to the 1912 construction.

Looking south towards downtown Boise on Capitol Boulevard.  My apartment building is behind the pine trees on the right.

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Deb said...

Sigh....that was a very good day indeed!!