21 March 2010

Martha's Blood Orange Glaze for cheesecake

Several years ago, I saw a beautiful cheesecake in Martha Stewart magazine (really, click on that link - see how perfect and precise hers looks!) that was topped with a blood orange glaze.  The glaze is really a gelatin, and I believe you can not only substitute regular orange juice, but probably several other kinds of fruit juices.  I made an excellent but time-consuming cheesecake from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home To Yours (which is a great baking book, by the way), and topped it with Martha's glaze.  Ironically, the glaze was easier than expected, and the cheesecake was harder than expected.  I had initially checked out Martha's cheesescake recipe as well, but it was even more complex than Dorie's, as expected.  Anyway, on to the cheesecake!  My mouth is watering remembering this light and fluffy, yet rich, treat we enjoyed at Bible study on Wednesday.  There were just enough pieces to go around for the 16 of us.

Juicing the oranges.

Preparing the glaze, after the cheesecake has chilled overnight.  The glaze is quite simple - just juice, sugar, cornstarch, and plain gelatin.  The gelatin (soaking in juice) is on the far left, cornstarch in the middle, and saucepan with sugar on the right.

Martha's recipe calls for making candied orange slices (well, just one!) but I simply shaved the pith off and used these fresh.  They worked fine and didn't seep any juice to interrupt the setting of the gelatin.

The final dessert.  It was so good!  The tart glaze balances the rich cheesecake really well.

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Anonymous said...

This looks SO good! I love the color of the glaze.