23 September 2007


Tonight's sermon was on the priesthood of Melchizedek, a type of Christ. Meaning, not a preincarnation, but a foreshadow of the one to come. Check out Hebrews 7. Then Genesis 14:17-20. Then Psalm 110. All connected, and all point the way to Christ. Fascinating!

Poetry Sunday

For your didactic pleasure.

Autumn turns the brass doorknob
waiting shyly behind, in glory
of redgoldsiennacopper

Peeking just through the door
but the light bends the corner
preceding streaming ahead

announcing her presence
before the grand entrance
to the fete of seasons.

09 September 2007


is brittle indeed. I tried making almond brittle last week. In case you're unfamiliar, brittle is a very finicky candy. He doesn't like moisture, he must be watched constantly, and he must be handled with care. He can't be in the hot seat for too long or he burns and stinks up the house. My first batch turned out only slightly edible, if you don't mind a mild burnt taste. The second batch, today, was completely burnt and cooled into a beautiful crimson stained glass.

So I made pumpkin pie instead.

04 September 2007


Meredith and I drove down to Nevada over Labor Day weekend for Tys' baptism. We got bombarded by a rainstorm on our way out of town, for about an hour. But there's always a rainbow somewhere in a storm, and we got to see this one somewhere in Oregon...

And of course we had to have sustenance for our trip.

We had a great time, eating my cookies, answering Meredith's thought provoking questions, and trying not to drive off the road while doing both at the same time.

But we really came to see this little person...

And this tiny little new person...

And these people...

A good time was had by all. :-)