12 June 2010

Mi apartamento nuevo es... interesante.

My new apartment is... interesting. 

Several people have said it has "character", others say "at least it meets your current needs" (referring to my desire to move to a cheaper place to achieve some financial goals).  I agree with both sentiments wholeheartedly, and I'm not dissatisfied with the new place, it's just... different.  Pictures coming soon!

In other news, have any of you had the Freska brand mangoes from Costco yet?  Oh wow. Prepare your little tastebuds for what is to come.  These mangoes are slightly smaller, but way less stringy, than regular mangoes.  Exceptionally smooth and easy to eat.  The 6-pack I got was also perfectly ripe, and in fact I'll have to blend a few into sorbet to keep them from going too far.  Not a bad prospect for a weekend afternoon.