25 May 2011

There's a reason humans are compared to sheep

A lot of the things I post on this blog are primarily for my own recollection.  On occasion, I will read back through old posts and consider what I was doing then, what I was thinking about, and where that succession of events has taken me. 

The following little quote gave me pause; maybe it will do the same for you.

"Forces are afoot right now, negotiating how to get you fat enough for consumption and how to get you calmly and without struggle to the cosmic slaughterhouse floor. The easiest life for you will be one in which you don't question these things, a life in which you simply do what seems natural. The ease of it all will seem to be further confirmation that this is the way things ought to be. It might even seem as though everything is happening exactly as you always hoped it would. You might feel as though your life situation is like progressing up a stairway so perfect it's as though it was designed just for you. And it is.

"In many ways the more tranquil you feel, the more endangered you are. As you find yourself curving around the soft corners of your life, maybe you should question the quietness of it all. Perhaps you should listen, beneath your feet, for the gentle clatter of hooves."

~Russell D. Moore, via The Gospel-Driven Church

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