01 June 2011


How was everyone's Memorial Day? Did you remember to remember?  Most of the time, I forget to remember - it's amazing if I even remember it's a holiday.  In fact, the only reason I do remember is because I get a day off work.  That's probably not something I should have admitted out loud, but it's the truth.  A bit shameful, I agree.  I don't think I know many (any?) servicemen personally, so it's not often on my mind... except I do know one or two of my uncles served in the war(s).  Maybe my mom will comment on this post and remind me. (hi Mom!)  In case you're wondering, yes, I am grateful for the US military and our freedoms!

I spent the day getting ready to move.   The count-down begins, folks.  T-minus 9 days.  I took down everything from my walls and spackled the little nail holes... which was kind of fun! It made me feel like I was finger-painting.

We've had a few dates to celebrate in our family in the last few days!  Sunday was my parents' 35th anniversary!  woo!  Way to go Mom and Dad!  I can only hope to get to 35 some day.  Yesterday was my Grandma H's 80th birthday.  And ditto... I can only hope.  I think it's great that my grandparents still travel around "at their age" and that they are active.  It looks like fun.

Not much else going on here except workworkwork.  I don't typically work outside of the normal 8-5 bounds, but when I'm really busy, I come home exhausted and don't feel like doing anything in my "free time" of 5:30-10.  And so it feels like I just worked that day and that's all.  Which I guess is ok...  making a living, right?

Alrighty.  Hope you're all doing well.  It's almost summer!  Please send a bit of whatever sunshine you have our way.  We've only got rain, rain and more rain.  But it makes for some great rainbows.


Mere said...

Amazing post, very deep...

Deb said...

Uncle Norman was in Korea and Uncle Herman was in Vietnam. Your great Uncle Ben VL was in WWII and there are more....those are just the ones that come to mind. We forget how much people have sacrificed for our freedom....sending off sons, brothers, and fathers...now mothers and daughters too.