26 March 2009


Spinach with bell peppers, black beans, pineapple and feta

I don't have a real affinity for feta cheese - I'm just now discovering that it is actually quite good. This salad came from Clean Eating magazine, which I would highly recommend if you're looking for healthy food ideas that think outside the box. Whole wheat? Check. Flaxseed, millet, and quinoa? Check. Agave nectar, honey, and natural sugar cane the only sugars allowed? Check.
It's a little green (I know, I know, I'm sick of that term by now too, sorry!), but I like it. And the salad? I wouldn't cross the street in front of a New York cabbie for it, but it was flavorful, quick, and healthy. Just what I was looking for (and light enough that I don't mind following it up with a piece of cherry pie for dessert *ahem*).

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