21 March 2009

Consider it done.

So here's a little advice for those of you ladies out there who might live in the Boise area and who might be looking for a swimsuit. If you want anything other than 1) a swimsuit made of string, 2) a swimsuit that calls itself a two-piece but is really a one-and-a-half, or 3) a swimsuit that calls itself a one-piece but is really just masquerading as a two-piece, connected with string, please do yourself a favor and don't bother going to the following places:

*The Nike outlet store
*The sports store between Marshall's and ShopKo
*Ross on Eagle & Fairview
*Old Navy
*Joe's Sports
*Big 5 Sporting Goods
*Ross on Milwaukee
*Sports Authority
*Sears (including Land's End stock)

I did the legwork for you today. You can thank me later.

Why didn't I trust my gut (yes, the one with expensive taste but spot-on accuracy) and just go to the Swim and Run Shop in the first place?? Their website leaves something to be desired, but the store is great. Even better than the store itself is the staff. You can walk in to the Swim and Run Shop, head straight to the dressing room, and let the staff take it from there. In fact, that's what I would recommend, considering the huge amount of stock they have squished into about 1000 square feet. If you consider your bathing suit an "investment" piece that you're going to keep for several years, it's worth it to spend a little extra. And... it gives you extra incentive to keep up with the swimming. :-)


Kasey said...

About 4 years ago John and I were going to Mexico. John kept telling me I needed to get another bathing suit so that I didn't just have one while we were there. I kept putting it off because I hate shopping and I really really hate bathing suit shopping. The day before we left for Mexico he asked me if I'd gotten another bathing suit. I said no and also had a client not only in town but that wanted to write offers on some houses, so there was no way I was getting the bathing suit shopping in before we had to go. John went to the Swim and Run shop with my measurements. He walked in, the staff took him under his wing, asked him my size and I think my hair color and he walked out with a bathing suit that I would have never chosen on my own but that was just perfect and I loved it and it fit right too. Now that's pretty amazing to find the perfect bathing suit and not even have to be there! Go Swim and Run Shop!!!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a lot of shopping expertise. Can you find a sensible, cute size 5 pair of flats for me? Before July when I go to NC? Please?

Just kidding. I looked. They don't exist.