06 December 2008

Meredith's Birthday 2008: Part One

From the camera archives again.... :-)

Meredith celebrated her 28th birthday this year! She and I were actually driving down to Nevada on the day of her birthday (June 6) for her cousin's high school graduation, but we aren't ones to miss an opportunity to celebrate. We simply postponed to the next weekend.

Get off the phone Meredith! Let's get this party started!
Meredith and her friend Stacy
Karla, Meredith's co-worker (and friend)
Meredith and me. In our Night-Out-on-the-Town Black. It's tradition by now.
The Reef is a Carribbean/Jamaican place downtown, serving lots of dishes with Jamaican jerk sauce (awesome jerk burger!) and Meredith's new favorite, coconut-crusted chicken. The view from our table (second story).
Blown glass artwork hanging over the stairwell that leads up to the restaurant. I hope they have good insurance.

Part two next...

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