06 December 2008

Meredith's Birthday 2008: Part Two

The morning after Meredith's birthday dinner on Friday night, we all piled in Stacy's vehicle and drove up to McCall. Oh, how I love McCall. I would live there some day.

McCall in summer

Ack! How can you sleep when all this beautiful scenery is passing you by?! Although I guess I can't be too hard on Kara and Karla, since my parents said the same thing to me for approximately 8 years while I slept in the back seat of the family Suburban.The Birthday Girl
Yes, it's really this pretty...
The road to the hot springs. I love these hot springs - it's commercialized and you have to pay to get in, but there are five or six different rock pools, all different temperatures. You can always find the one that's just right.
On the way out from the hot springs. Tall pines, bright green pastures, happy cows.
Karla and Meredith enjoying their milkshakes at Cougar Mountain Lodge, right before someone (?) spilled an entire shake on the floor. They make them on an old-fashioned milk... uh... shaker, circa 1950's.Heading home!
Ahhh... I could stare out the window at this all day.
2008 was a really high year for the river. This is the beginning of a long section of rapids...

We drove back to the valley just in time to see the Emmett Cherry Festival parade! This is old-town Emmett, with an appropriately old pickup. I love old red pickups. But sadly the vendors at the festival were out of new red cherry pie. Very Sad.

A really fun weekend that will be hard to top next year!

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Deb said...

Whoa....time warp! Wasn't too sure about that till I got to post #3down :) Cute pics!