06 December 2008

Better Late Than Never

I might as well have five posts titled the same as this one... I cleaned out the memory card on my camera today and transferred everything to my computer. So I have a few posts coming with ancient pictures. Not that May of this year is really ancient, but, you know...

Earlier this year I was able to fly to California to spend Memorial Day weekend at my parents' house, along with my brother Jerry and his wife Bernice (currently from Chicago) and their little James. Can I just say that James is the cutest kid ever? Yeah yeah, I hear you yelling "Bias!" yada yada yada...
James teaching Jerry and Bernice how to use the computer My parents' house, where I grew up from age 5 to 22. It's the "family farm", on my mom's side, along with the 60 acres of almonds surrounding it. But no, we aren't farmers. For the 1,374,835th time.
The jasmine my mom planted in front of the garage door. Smells. So. Good.
We may not be farmers, but we are ranchers! My parents raise a couple beef cattle every year or so, for their own use. Although I'm not sure Betsy here is really destined for that purpose. She seems waaay too friendly.
Ooops... Did I do that?
Whatever, Betsy. You're always looking for attention, just because you know people can't resist your big brown Jersey eyes. But I'm ok with that. I really am. I'll just hang out over here with the goats.
Bernice and James. James! Hey James!
Yeah I'm talking to you, kiddo. Hi.
Can I just squeeze you now? You little gangsta you.

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