14 February 2008

Letters To Nobody...

Dear HVAC guy,

Could you please make the thermostat work in my office? I've been working here for over a year now, and I realize you are required to keep the temperature within a certain range to save on energy costs, but come on... I didn't plan on styling my outfits around the scarves I own.

The Girl In The Corner

Dear Co-worker,

Usually we get along really well and I enjoy being around you, but there's this one little thing that has been getting on my nerves. A few weeks ago you walked around to each of our desks, proudly showing off your shiny new phone and its catchy new ringtones, and informed us that you assigned a special song for your husband. Now every time your phone blares "Let's Get Naughty Naughty" at 30 decibels, I know who's calling.

I'm wearing earplugs from now on,
The Girl Who Would Rather Not Know

1 comment:

Lisa Haveman said...

ummm, yeah, I agree... too much information!!!