10 February 2008

Birthday Weekend, Day 1

... and yes, it really was a whole weekend of partying! :-)

Day 1: Thursday, January 31
Anya flew in from CA at 9am and was very grateful to have her luggage show up on the same flight she was on. The desk clerk in Fresno told her it might not make it because she was almost late for her flight. Are you surprised? :-) So we made it back to my house through a foot of new snow and more coming down, then made breakfast and visited for a while. We decided to go shopping for the afternoon and then go out for sushi.
Earlier in the week I had been cleaning my house and I decided to go through my box of "important papers". You know, old paystubs, tax info, health insurance info. I sorted through my car insurance info and found a copy of my last car registration... which expired September of 2007. *shoot* So the first order of business on Thursday was going to the courthouse downtown and renewing my registration. Which was convenient enough because the new Anthropologie just opened a few blocks from there. We are such girls. :-) I got my new stickers, licked my thumb and cleaned off the old stickers on my plates, put the new ones over top, and we were good to go. I was A.MA.ZED that I had not gotten a ticket in the last 5 months for overdue registration. This, after last year's incident when the cop was beside me in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate and made me put the new stickers on in the pouring rain, in a skirt and heels, in front of all the other drivers. And no, the cop wasn't a man.
Ok. Back to our story. So we got my car registered, went to the always-so-incredibly-I'm-in-love-fabulous Anthro, then to the mall for a while... then back home and back downtown, where we proceeded to wait an hour to be seated at Mai Thai and then another half hour before our food came. Keep in mind folks, this was a snowy Thursday in Boise. No excuse for a wait. Meanwhile we overhear one of the waiters saying to the other, "Man I'm glad it's a slow night..." Um, excuse me? I'm so not one to stick up for herself, but fortunately Anya is much more bold than I. While I was in the restroom she complained to the waiter, who sent the manager over (whom I know because I'm there so often, usually with great service) and so he proceeded to apologize over and over, ad nauseum, for the rest of the night. At least we got free dessert. Woo-hoo Anya! :-)
We were just leaving to make a marathon trip through Winco, when I turned onto Capitol and suddenly saw those captivating red and blue lights in my mirror. Great. Was it the pedestrian standing on the corner who waved me on to go ahead and turn even though pedestrians have the right-of-way? Was it because I made a right turn onto a 4-lane one-way and immediately drove over to the far left lane? I did have my left blinker on.... hm. So we pull over, hello officer, yada yada... "Miss I pulled you over because I ran your plates and your registration is expired." Anya and I started laughing so hard I saw him pull out his ticket book right there. We both started talking at once and were trying not to laugh hysterically, while telling him "Seriously officer, we were just at the courthouse to renew it this morning!!" His face said it all... umm yeah. So we pulled out the registration papers and showed him and he was really nice about it. Apparently it takes a few days for your new registration to go through the computers. No ticket. Thank you Lord.

Ok, that's all the exciting stuff for Day 1. More pictures, less talk, coming up in Day 2!

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