10 February 2008

Walnut Fudge... in a cookie

Yeah, what's up with all the food posts? Well if you know me you know I like to bake. Or should I say love to bake. Without baking, my life would be sad indeed. So. I present to you the Walnut Fudge cookie. Walnut fudge was one of my dad's favorite candies growing up, so this is a re-creation of the rich stuff with no candy thermometer necessary. The basic ingredient in this cookie is... umm... I'll let you guess. These aren't to be confused with the chocolate cookies I made on December 8.

Chocolate, walnuts, brown sugar, flour.... good stuff. And I can't make cookies without my trusty culinary scoops.

Sorry the picture is so dark but hey, it's chocolate.

And... the final result. So shiny, with that great crackled top that is so fun to bite.

Dad, these will be in the mail tomorrow! :-)

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