02 January 2010

What Rachel Barkey Knows

In early 2009, Rachel Barkey was diagnosed with cancer; this was a repeat for her since she had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few years prior, but this was also something new - it was more severe and it was terminal.  She was given approximately 4 months to live, and in July she passed away and left behind a husband and two young kids.  Before she died, Rachel spoke to a group of 600 women about the things most important to her.

"Many people have asked Rachel, 'Why? Why is this happening to you? To Neil? To Kate and Quinn? To your family and friends?'  'I don’t ask why,’ says Rachel. 'Because I know.'"

Find out what Rachel knows:  http://deathisnotdying.com/fullvideo/ (55 minutes... well worth every minute)

(via the Girltalk blog)

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