01 January 2010

Happy New Year's!

It's quite appropriate that my foray back into blogging should concur with New Year's Day, and that it should also coincide with my 200th post! Happy Birthday little blog!

Tell me what you did for New Year's Eve!  Did you stay home and relax on the couch watching the ball drop on tv?  Did you go somewhere loud and crazy?  My celebration last night was definitely the latter.  I went to T&C's house, where other friends were waiting and so were two big tables full of food. Including.... an old-fashioned rotating hot dog display case that T had set up.  Very fun.  We all ate our fill and enjoyed random YouTube selections projected on the widescreen, then played Apples to Apples, and Taboo, which C caught on video using the new Flip camera she got for Christmas.  We were LOUD.  Very loud!  I'm sure the neighbors heard us. 

I'm ready to be starting a new year and it feels very exciting this time around.  Today, New Year's Day, won't be particularly exciting, but that's ok - I have a lot to catch up on after being gone for Christmas and I have a lot of fun features to discover on my new laptop!  Oh, I'm so happy to have a dependable computer.  It's really great.  This laptop has a card slot on the front that allows me to load any memory card, such as the one from my camera.  Which I will try right now...

So here's what I'm going to do today.

Enjoy a hot cinnamon latte!

Get all the labels and goop off of these bottles, so I can refill them with ingredients and either use as storage or give away to others as presents (think chocolate chip storage, homemade cookie mix, limoncello, etc.)

Read this book before it's due back to the library on Monday.

Look through all the Christmas pictures, cards, and letters I received.  A few of these will be staying on the fridge for a while, I'm sure.  Some of my relatives' kids are just so cute!

And lastly, I'll be trying to stay warm all day and night... unfortunately my heat has gone out for the second time since Christmas and maintenance can't fix it until Monday.  Don't feel bad for me though - at least I have space heaters.  And, well... the oven.  Which you know will be used today.  :-)

Cheers and Happy New Year's!*

*somebody eat an ollie bollen for me already, will you?!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are blogging again!

We stayed at home for new years, and I was the only one to make it past 11. At midnight, however, I was already in bed, so I listened to the neighbor's celebratory gunshots and firecrackers.

There was no ollie bollen made by us this year either, which is okay with me because I don't really like it. (Horror of horrors!) I guess I am not a such good little Dutch girl.