19 November 2008

Two Sides of The Same Coin

RIGHT LOBE: Tomorrow's Thursday. Hey! Tomorrow's THURSDAY! [saunters down sidewalk, whistling] Woo-hoo!! Yeah! weeeek-END! weeeek-END! weeeek-END! I'm going to bake and hang out with friends and drive and go to a football game and....

LEFT LOBE: Tomorrow's Thursday. Oh no. Tomorrow's THURSDAY. AAAHHHHHH! Where did all the time go? I still have to finalize Legal's year-end savings report and edit HR and Finance's year-end financial report texts and process these invoices for capital procurement and review the budget development system overview that's 60 pages long and .... AAAHHHHH!!! [buries head in hands and wonders how late the bus runs on Thursdays]

"This is your brain, on budgets..."


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