29 November 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

What did I do for Thanksgiving? I...

Cooked a Very Large Bird to within an inch of its everloving life

And proceeded to abandon bird in oven while I skipped off to the movies with a friend.

The Bird did quite alright, however, so we congratulated it with a gift of carving knife and fork. Then we ate it.

We: Meredith (far right), Kim (henceforth known as the Prison Twins), and Kim's friend Kyle (gotta have the requisite plaid)

Mashed red potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, and gravy accompanied the turkey and were enjoyed by al-- uh.... those who were not picky. The picky person(s) who shall remain nameless does not enjoy cranberries. But you know what Dad says, "You don't like it? Great! More for me!" We didn't make stuffing, since 3 out of the 4 of us don't like stuffing, which is a majority for non-stuffing-ness, which automatically disqualifies Not Liking Stuffing from the Book of Pickiness.

After several insane rounds of Uno Attack/Attack Uno/Call it what you wish, we broke out the pumpkin and apples pies, and oh my.... Kim makes one of the best pumpkin pies ever! May her mother be blessed and lard too. Her whipped cream even stayed stable from her house to my house to 3 hours in the fridge to overnight in the fridge and sitting on Patricia's counter. There had to have been something special in it. Other than copious amounts of powdered sugar.

I think the four of us will remember this Thanksgiving for a long time. At least until next year.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering who you ate your Thanksgiving dinner with. I was going to invite you down to California, but I thought you would probably prefer your gourmet cooking over "Wow!! The Brower family used spices in their cooking for the 1st time in Brower history!!!" I'm serious. That was a comment made afterword.

So, ANYWAY, all that to say I'm glad you had a place with friends and didn't have to eat a whole turkey by yourself : )

Mere said...

You forgot some details of that night...but like the person who doesn't like cranberries the rest of the details will remain silent as well ;-)

Deb said...

Congratulations Ri on your turkey #1. May it be the beginning of many turkeys to come...hee hee. Looks like you did a "fabulous" job!! That's my girl!! XO