05 June 2008


Ok. If you are a certain someone whose birthday is tomorrow, you shall immediately cease and desist reading of this post. Immediately. That means now, Meredith. :-)

Is she gone?

Tonight I had some time after packing for Nevada, so I made cookies for my brother. There is a certain recipe for which I have become famous within my family, a certain way of making cookies that my dad and my brothers like. So every time I visit one of them I bring those cookies. The funny thing is that I did not make up the recipe. It's from Charlene in Canada. Oh, you thought that would give me license to give out the recipe? Not on your life buddy. ;-) They are really just a simple oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, but they must have some sort of daughter/sister touch that makes them special. I'll take it. I like being the cookie lady.

Ok so now that Meredith has really stopped reading, I also had time tonight to make something she has been begging me to make for over a year now. Last summer, I tried a recipe that involved cooking cinnamon sticks, heavy cream, whole milk.... and throwing the whole thing into your typical home igloo and shaking a few times. Cinnamon ice cream. You have never tasted anything like this, I promise. It's like "Indian spice market vendor meets American homestead dairyman". Exotic but homegrown. This stuff is special. So tomorrow when I show up at her house to embark on our epic journey to the Land of Dust and Sagebrush (oh wait, what's that stuff in my backyard?.... never mind), I will have in hand a small container for the road and a larger container for her freezer. Happy Birthday Meredith!

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