05 June 2008

A Foot of Grace

Well friends, tomorrow is the day. The day the BBB (Big Black Boot) is removed. It's been 12 weeks since surgery, long enough to get used to it, but not quite long enough to forget it's there. So tomorrow my foot will be forced to bend in ways it hasn't experienced in 3 months, and to support the rest of me properly in a way it hasn't done in at least 3 years. It might be painful, but that's yet to be seen. I'm glad I don't know what the future holds in the next few months, and the more I think about it, I'm rather glad I don't know what the future holds at all. If the Lord did not hold the future in his sovereign hand, but rather sat back and observed with no active power, or simply set the ball rolling and craned his neck to watch it splash into the river at the bottom of the hill, what meaning would the future have? I think we would all throw up our hands and say it's not worth it. But instead, we have a loving, holy father who ordains our future in a specific way and has already told us everything we need to know for our comfort -- that those who believe are forgiven through Jesus Christ and therefore our greatest need has been filled, that everything in the believer's life will be used by the Lord for his spiritual good, that God will never leave us or forsake us, and that we will join him in heaven if we die before he comes. At this point I say (as I talk to myself :-), "Christian, what else do you need?" And the real answer? Nothing.

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