15 May 2008

Strawberries make my day

To appreciate just how special these strawberries are, I have to give you the whole story.

Last weekend in Nevada, we had a big bbq for Casey's birthday. There were big, bright, beautiful strawberries on the table. Usually *big* strawberries = pretty -but tasteless- strawberries. Not these! They were amazing! I couldn't wait to find out where they were from. They were grown in California (naturally) but shipped in by Costco. Ok. So on Monday when I get back, I have to drag Meredith down to Costo, because she is my "friend with a Costco card". I have a plan. Those strawberries stayed on my mind all the way back to Idaho. That's 5 hours, people.

Monday night, Meredith and I drove straight to Costco after work. Walk to the back -oh wait, look at those muffins, those look good... -oh! and look at the grapes, those look good... ok, back on track, let's get to the strawberries. So we looked. And looked. And looked. No. Strawberries. Anywhere. I was one sad girl that night. Oh well, I guess I'll make up for the strawberry-loss with asparagus, grapes, watermelon, romaine, snap peas, tomatoes, salmon burgers, and potstickers (mmm... potstickers!). Oh yeah, and vanilla ice cream. Gotta have that. It helped, but I was still very sad about my strawberry-less-ness.

Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from Meredith. Karla got you strawberries from Costco. Karla is Meredith's co-worker. Her amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, kind coworker. To whom I am eternally grateful. She happened to go to Costco at lunchtime the day after we were there, and voila! there were strawberries. And she got some just for me.

Thanks Karla!
Almost gone


Jessica said...

mmmm..... yum :)

Meredith said...

You wrote about the strawberry saga? Wow...
Karla will be pleased to know that she made your day, or week or maybe even your year!