11 May 2008

Happy Birthday A and B!

Just got back from a weekend in Nevada at Casey and Lisa's. They hosted a big bbq on Saturday for Casey's birthday (which is actually tomorrow). We had really great chicken and beef kebabs which were a joint effort between Susan (marinating), Lisa (cutting/prep), myself (skewering) and Casey (grilling). They were sooooo good! We were also celebrating because Lisa recently found out she is pregnant! She is due some time in late December or early January. This new little kiddo will be my fourth niece/nephew.

Jerry will also be celebrating a birthday tomorrow (naturally) and I'm sure Bernice has some fabulous menu prep going on right now. I can already see it... knives and cutting boards on every counter, garlic crushed, vegetables chopped, and cookbooks in various stages of perusal.

Happy 30th birthday guys! May the Lord bless you with 30 more, even better than before. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sis! or RIRI! Yes this is Jerry, Thank you for Happy Birthday shout on you blog. Loved IT! Keep up the good work.