18 April 2008

Spider Stories

What's up with all the spiders lately? Is it the warm weather that's driving them into my house? That doesn't make sense to me because I would think the spiders would want to be outside living it up in the sunshine like the rest of us. But no... they have to invade my living room...

Spider Story #1:
So the other day, I came home from work exhausted. I was really tired. One of the things I love about wearing glasses is that you can just take them off, set them on the table, and throw your head down on the pillow. No contact case and solution necessary. So I was zonked out on the couch for about half an hour, then I started to wake up. I hadn't even opened my eyes yet, but I could feel someone watching me. I wondered if my landlord had walked in, because she's around here sometimes fixing things. No... 5 more minutes... I want to sleep for 5 more minutes. But wait. There's somebody watching me. Open eyes. Look around. See dark fuzzy spot on carpet that I didn't think was there before. Uh-huh, it was a spider! And the bad thing about wearing glasses is that if they are not nearby when you need them (immediately!) you can't see anything but fuzz. This little guy was fuzzy enough, he didn't need my near-sightedness to help him out. I won't give you the gory details, but he went away, and not on vacation.

Spider Story #2:
This evening after I got home from work, I was trying to clean up my apartment a little bit. It's kind of hard since I'm rolling around with one knee propped on a wheeled office chair that happens to react to linoleum like high heels on ice. So I usually go flying from one side of the kitchen to another and stop myself by reaching out for the counter or the wall. I gathered up the trash and was speeding towards the front door when I saw something run out from under the rug. Aha! Little scoundrel! Slam on the brakes! I went at him with the garbage bag and prayed it wouldn't break open and spill coffee grounds and moldy mozzarella everywhere. Bam! Bam! Bam! Sorry man... no mercy for arachnids.

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Annette said...

Did I tell you about when we remodeled the kitchen? My dishwasher sat on the sunny back porch covered in plastic for about 3 weeks until Mark could re-install it.
Two days after it was re-installed I walked into the kitchen and it was like a scene out of Charlotte's Web. There were little spiders EVERYWHERE! Hanging from the recessed lights in the ceiling, on the walls, on the counters, everywhere! Squish! Squish! Squish! for a week or so...sigh. They were cute little jumping spiders, they just didn't belong in my kitchen!