16 April 2008

Party Hearty

In case some of you are wondering if I've disappeared yet again, fear not my good fellows. I am simply having a busy week. The doctor prescribed 2 aspirin and a phone call in the morning, but I'm opting for a few good nights with friends. Bible study was on Monday, which always is fun because I get to hang out with friends and learn about God and the Bible he wrote; Tuesday I conquered 2 flights of stairs* to enjoy Shannon's authentic homemade Thai spring rolls and a few episodes of Gilmore Girls; tonight I had coffee and deep conversations with Meredith, then we (Lisa, Meredith, Colleen, Sharla and I) celebrated Sharla's birthday with dinner at Old Chicago; and tomorrow is the annual Lifeline banquet, and I get to sit at a table full of friends, once again. I am blessed.

*If you ever have to use crutches, carpeted stairs are not recommended.

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