10 February 2008

Tea Forte'

I got some tea from Tea Forte' as part of a Christmas gift. I have recently begun drinking way more tea than I ever have before in my life and I actually prefer it at times more than a latte (imagine!). There are thousands of flavors of tea. Gotta love that. So this one is mainly ginger root, with lemon myrtle and hints of ginseng and black pepper. Ginger is spicy on its own, so I was curious about the addition of pepper, but it was just right--made you feel warm inside without assaulting your tongue with pepperiness. And this coming from someone not too fond of pepper. But I adore ginger.

The pyramid-shape makes the bag float in your cup and there is a nifty little leaf on top so you can pull it out without a spoon.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Would definitely have again.

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