10 February 2008

Miriam's cookies are worth braving the January ice for...

Two years ago, I held a young women's Bible study at my house, led by my friend Miriam. The girls in the Bible study came from all over the Treasure Valley, and many of them traveled 45 minutes or more to get there. When the Bible study was done, we didn't run into each other nearly as often. So Miriam staged a little reunion in early January at Flying M in downtown Nampa, which was a great idea. Unfortunately the weather had other plans. It was snowing like crazy and there were a few inches of ice on the road. A few of the girls couldn't make it but a few of us were already on our way. So, plan B became Miriam's house and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We'll take it!

Miriam and Johanna made some sort of grainy, Malt-O-Meal stuff that I tried but didn't really go for.... it was sort of like Cream of Wheat (excuse me while I gag). And thus ensued an entire conversation on 12-grain, 10-grain, 8-grain, and 6-grain hot cereals and how well each of them provides an internal cleansing... enough said. They seemed to like it.

Ah yes, and cookies were made. I played with the camera while they threw ingredients in the Bosch. Have you ever seen a Bosch mixer? It's a baker's dream. Someday I will get one. Perhaps in place of the standard KitchenAid. Not sure yet.

Erin, Ariel and Hannah showed up a bit later and we all had a great time sitting around visiting and asking personal questions like only a roomful of girls can do. It was fun. :-) Thanks Miriam!

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