10 February 2008

McCall Ice Sculpture Festival

Umm.... yeah. I have to say I wasn't that impressed this year. But then again, I was the dork who forgot the sculpture map and made us miss half of it. So out of the *few* we saw, these were the good ones. Don't ask about the half-nude mermaid (as they usually are) or the Guns-n-Roses skull holding a rose between its teeth.

I think this was a Native American sun/moon/kharma/Ghandi thingamajig... pretty cool how the moon is perpendicular to the sun.

This was a rancher or some sort of Old West guy taking a bath in his cabin. Apparently we got pictures at a good time because I heard someone broke his arm later in the day. oops. But you wouldn't be able to tell if they put a cast on him.

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