30 November 2007


Driving my lovely little flimsy Hyundai rental.... this was actually on the way back to Milwaukee, but you get the idea. Happy to see countryside at least. :-)

Bernice and I went to an apple farm where they had a big gift shop. We had hot chocolate and apple cider doughnuts, which did a great job of warming us up after being outside in the cold wind.
James and Tante Ri :-)
The apple farm had these cool swings cut from old tires into the shape of a horse. I had never seen anything like it. Creative!
Illinois is starting to get windmills just like CA. I never realized how huge these things are until Bernice and I drove past one pretty close to the road and it was about 5 times bigger than a power pole. We think they really need a paint job... green stems and yellow petals.

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