20 October 2007

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So. I was attempting to make caramel corn on my own. With only 1 person to stir. And 1 shelf in the oven. And a very small countertop. But two pans of CC. So the second pan of CC conveniently sat warming on top of the stove while the first pan was in the oven. And then I smell that distinctive odor of sugar burning. So I turn around, and the pan of CC on top of the stove is steaming. Oh yeah.... the burner is still on...

Ok, the CC issue gets worked out--I tossed the burnt half of the pan in the trash (after eating about half of it) and added the good half to the first pan to continue baking in the oven. So I go to check on my laundry, which I need to get done within the next hour, and wow! The dryer is done already! I just put those jeans in 15 minutes ago! Oh yeah... there's the matter of that little "start" button.

In other news: After months of whispering in its ear, promising to care for it until death do us part, my African Violet finally decided to say hello.

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