20 October 2007

The full mile

I finally hit a mile today!! I jogged an entire mile, without stopping. This seems like a really small step to those in the fitness world, but to me it's a big deal. I haven't been running as much lately because I was so busy, but I am starting to see the cumulative effects kick in anyway. Sweet.
I've been doing a regular loop to Camel's Back--jog down there from home (1 mile), hike up Chickadee Ridge and down through the grove (2 miles) and try to jog back home (1 mile). I did jog most of the way home today, which was a huge improvement from previous efforts, but there were a few walking stops in the middle, so I don't really count it as jogging any sort of distance. It's cold outside, but if I wear layers, it's really nice. I don't overheat 5 seconds out the door.
I love fall. :-)

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