18 August 2007

It's a zoo in there!

I have vague memories of going to a giant butterfly atrium when I was a Little Person. I think it probably helped establish my love of butterflies. So when I heard Zoo Boise was going to have a butterfly display this year, I had to check it out. I was a bit disappointed that it was a small atrium with plants that seemed rather wilted, but it has been really hot in Boise, and things always look bigger when you're little. Here's a few I managed to catch on camera:

This guy was the biggest butterfly of the bunch and he knew it. He would fly around our feet for a few minutes so everyone could ooh and aah over the brilliant blue of his wings, and then land on the ground and sit there with his wings closed up tight so everyone with cameras would gather around and wait... and wait... and wait on him to open up. I got tired of waiting.

This little guy was rather...furry. Better to hide from pradators, I'm guessing. He wouldn't tell me.

To be continued...

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