16 August 2007

And the mud comes out in Boise

I was looking out the office window yesterday when we noticed that things are getting messy around town. After some ridiculously baseless accusations from Tibbs against Bieter, now this. The Washington Mutual building sits directly across the street from City Hall, and apparently at some point the City had complained to whomever leases the 3rd floor office about having unsightly boxes stacked against the windows. So, being a media company, they are retaliating using their most visible resource, the printed page. How convenient for them that the Mayor's personal office is directly across the street, on the same level, so every time he looks out the window for the next 2 and a half months he is looking at this:

I'm not saying that I'm tied to the current office-bearer, but this is just plain tacky and Tibbs is not showing himself to be of good conduct by his antics. Some say he is unaware of this prank. Doubtful.

Courtesy: http://www.boiseguardian.com/2007/08/15/signs_of_the_political_times.html

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