04 May 2012


- not one, but TWO visits to my favorite restaurant! Lovelovelove.

- not one, but TWO visits to Nevada! Seeing some of my favorite peoples this weekend.

- another commission from a co-worker for a cheesecake

- zeroing in on a bike purchase (one that has multiple gears, is a ladies' style, can go for miles, and looks cute too. Oh, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg -more than $250- and is my size)

- being challenged at work, in a good way

- anticipating California weather next weekend

- delighting in the farmer's market every Saturday

Lots of good things lately!

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Anonymous said...

You seem to be doing alot of road tripping lately... care to explain the wandering feet? :)

GoodTimes said...

I'm anonymous. Bernice.