05 April 2012

Just not my day

I spent Monday night cleaning, organizing, and hiding things in my apartment, because I am a semi-messy person at home (picture stacks of papers, stuff I meant to hang on the wall sitting there for 6 months, etc.). I was having a few people over on Tuesday night, and I didn't want to look like a slob.


Tuesday morning, I was getting ready for work, and I reached into the basket that sits on the back of my toilet for a bobby pin. Sometimes when I do this, the basket wobbles a little on the curved porcelain surface, and then stablizes itself. Today it was already stable. No worries. Two whole minutes after I was done with the basket's contents, I watched out of the corner of my with horror as the whole thing tipped off the edge and spilled bottles, hair tools, and a hundred bobby pins across my bathroom floor. Five minutes before I had to leave for work.


Ok. So I ignore the mess (very difficult for an OCD'er like myself!) and head off to work, where I had a busy day and slept on the bus ride home. I walk into my apartment, past the bathroom, stop in mid-step and realize I still have junk all over the bathroom floor.  Have to get that cleaned up before my guests show up at 7pm! It's 6pm now! One hour!  Thankfully I didn't need to be concerned with making dinner at the same time, just some Pecan Blondies... which I overbaked slightly, so they became Pecan Brunettes.  Anyhoo...


No sooner than I got the bars in the oven, cleaned the kitchen, and cleaned up the bathroom, than I went into my bedroom to pull a paper (one! single! paper!) off the bookshelf, and everything came crashing down. Sometimes you just gotta wonder... ;-)  This is why I keep the majority of my belongings in my bedroom... it has a door.

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