31 December 2011

The Last Day of the Year

Today I'm...

* Writing a birthday card to my almost-6 (!) niece.

* Sorting through all the books I own, since I gave away my tall bookcase and they no longer have a home!  My new rule is: if the book is easily available at the local library, it doesn't need to be in my house.  Might as well let someone else store them, right?  This makes me a little sad, since I love the look and idea of shelves and shelves of books, but I don't have the storage to hold them, so it's just not practical for me anymore.

* Renewing my dedication to a paleo diet, including buying and making fun new foods for myself: coconut butter, a strawberry-cardamom green smoothie, a whole ham (I've never cooked ham before!), Thai garlic-chili brussels sprouts, and shrimp lo mein for dinner tonight (subbing green cabbage for the noodles, mmm.....).

* Flattening all the tissue I received in Christmas present packaging so I can reuse it. Yes, I'm one of those frugal girls.

*Waiting for my new cast iron cookware to arrive on Tuesday (Christmas gift from my parents)!

*Pondering the likelihood of there being enough snow to go snowshoeing on Monday.

*Listening to three of my favorite podcasts: Joy the Baker, Spilled Milk by Molly Wizenberg, and Boundless.

* Taking a break by "allowing" (do you know what I mean?) myself to stay home tonight on New Year's Eve, maybe watch a movie, and go to bed early if I feel like it. I'm excited to start a new year on the right foot.

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you are looking forward to a great year of blessing and growth.

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