22 November 2011

Techno Help!

Several of you probably already saw me post this on Facebook, but I am having so much trouble downloading those Europe pictures off of the SD cards I used in my camera onto a jump drive, via my laptop. Some photos will load and others won't, for seemingly no rhyme or reason.

My next step is to try the cards in other computers (maybe my computer is the issue, not the card!), and if all else fails, I will simply be satisfied with the pictures I do have.

I went to a coffee shop the other night to use the internet (the WiFi at my apartment complex has been down for the last week) and only got a third of the way through uploading pictures to an album on Facebook when I had to disconnect and cancel the entire upload because the shop was closing. Stymied again!

Sooner or later, these pictures will see the world. We will prevail! Ha!

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