20 June 2011

Moved in

Pictured here you see the only remotely pretty-looking corner of my new apartment. I've been taking breaks from unpacking to go to the movies and the farmer's market with friends. This is how I keep my sanity. Only a few more boxes to go in the living room, and then i am done with the 'public' areas. All I will have left is the bedroom, which is often the hardest because... Nobody can see it. I also tend to spend more than a few minutes every day staring blankly out the back windows over the deck. It's been several years since I've watched a sunset - I'm taking every chance I can get. Needless to say, I'm very happy here! More pictures soon.

1 comment:

Mere said...

Need more pictures then this photo! Pronto!
Glad you love your new place :)