26 June 2011

Mileage yesterday

I spent yesterday on the cruiser, since my mountain bike apparently has an almost-cracked rim (although after the guy at the bike shop told me about it over the phone, the second guy I talked to when I picked up the bike couldn't find it) and I'm trying to sell it, so I don't want to push my luck and have something major go wrong.  Considering that my cruiser is a single speed, it requires approximately five times more manpower to ride than any other bike.  I shouldn't be surprised that I'm sore today (well, considering the hike to Table Rock too).

Home and back to the farmer's market in the morning with Taryn, Jenell, and Cherie: 4.91 miles

Home and back to the Botanical Gardens to hike with Cherie and Jenell: 2.71

From home to the Rose Garden downtown to meet up with some MAF friends (thanks for inviting me, Mere!), and right back to my neighborhood to have some really great frozen yogurt, then home again, home again, jiggety jig: 7.75 miles

Total: 15.37 miles

The best kind of Saturday!


Debbi said...

Hey there! Good going! I want to tell you that Zach's brother-in-law graduated from film school this Summer. His senior project was a documentary on single speed bikes. {If I understand correctly.} It's called Fixation. I think there are trailers on Vimeo {http://vimeo.com/22814327 Looked one up for you.}, but if you happen to be down here in the July 20s, he's screening it at his hometown movie theatre in Livermore. It's getting a lot of buzz, and since you are currently a rider of one . . . big stretch, isn't it? But still! It's kind of exciting.

GoodTimes said...

Wowee!! Great work out, marie!

Ri said...

Debbi - cool! I won't be in CA during July, but that would have been fun! I'll look it up...

Mere said...

That is impressive!!!! I noticed when I was riding behind you on the greenbelt that your legs kept pedaling, while I would pedal for a little and coast for a lot :)