24 May 2011

At Long Last*

... I can finally make ice cream. Just take a look at this beauty:

Why yes, I am moving in just under 3 weeks.  How ironic that you ask.

*I assumed I had chronicled my refrigerator woes at some point on the blog, but apparently not.  Only my local friends go the pleasure of those earfuls of frustration.  In short, my freezer has been on its last leg... or toe... since, oh, probably the day I moved in.   I would regularly find packages of vegetables half-thawed, especially if they were near the back, and within the last 2 weeks I've had several packages of meat thaw as well. Ice cream is completely out of the question.  I have tried for months to get this issue resolved with my property manager, to no avail.  Finally in a fit of desperation last night, I called the "Emergency" maintenance line, and I finally got ahold of someone who said they would come right away (hallelujah!).  Saeed was very nice and helped me transfer all of my frozen goods to an empty apartment in the next building. He came back today and replaced the old dysfunctional wheezer with this bright, clean, brand-spanking-new, COLD refrigerator.  I will thoroughly enjoy this until my lease expires... in 3 weeks.

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