09 February 2011


~ I am 30 years, one week, and one day.

~ I am feeling guilty for not being as prompt as my friends when it comes to Thank-You Card Response Time (TCRT).

~ I am wearing glasses to avoid the "freshly ground sand" feeling in my eyes.

~ I am still reeling from the over-the-top dinner last night at The Mona Lisa, courtesy of P&M. (And the birthday beat goes on...)

~ I am making Kale & Chorizo soup and Cheesy Beef (-Elk!-) Casserole for J&K.  I've made the delicious soup before, but not the casserole.  One's mainly for her, the other mainly for him.  Can you guess which?

~ I am the proud new owner of a 12-kilo kettlebell.  Woo!

~ I am happy it's February.

1 comment:

Lori said...

1. Happy Birthday again! Welcome to the 30s.
2. That soup sounds yummy! I have some leftover Kale from a Kale and Chicken sausage thing I did. Might have to try this soup.
3. Congrats on the KB. I own 2 now and LOVE them.