27 February 2011

Handmade by Bernice

My fabulous sister-in-law Bernice made me a purse for my birthday!  She asked me for pattern suggestions and a few color ideas, and then surprised me with something even cuter than what I was expecting!  It's perfect!  I love the gray and yellow together, and the shell buttons.  So pretty.

And this lovely little thing is a tea wallet!  What a novel idea!  Great for my recent tea obsessions.


GoodTimes said...

so funny 'cause you already posted this... but i'm flattered :)

Ri said...

Oh you're right! Well, um... it's a recap! :-)
I obviously need to either blog more often so I don't forget what I last talked about, or review my old posts before posting another one. I found these pictures on my phone and I so I thought I had not talked about them yet.