19 January 2011

Alive and Well

Hi everyone!  I am still alive, but January is a suprisingly busy month, is it not?  I'm still waiting for life to slow down a little, like I was expecting in... October.

Today was kind of crazy - I fell twice on my way to work this morning! It's been really rainy here, but it froze overnight, so there was a veeerrry thin layer of ice on the sidewalks. I have a nice big bruise on my left hip.

I also gave my annual presentation to coworkers on the personnel budget system.  I don't mind speaking in public, but my one big folly is forgetting everything I wanted to say.  I should have set aside more time to write notes, but when your boss doesn't tell you you're presenting until the day before, uh... it's a little hard.

Ok, off to Bible study!  We are still going 12-15 strong, for which I am very thankful.  Our group is composed of some of my best friends and it's a great oppotunity to learn about God alongside of them.

Hope all of you are surviving the January blues.  Did you at least leave some twinkle lights up?

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Mere said...

Glad you are alive and well...please come back to the blogging world.