10 October 2010

Boise downtown farmer's market

I don't think I've ever shown you around downtown, have I?  Well, this won't be a total downtown exposé, but it is a tour of one of my favorite places to be on a Saturday morning.  Apologies to all of you who already saw these on Facebook.

This rootbeer is phenomenal.  You can taste the chicory, spearmint, and sassafras.

I bought one of the purple peppers and one of the light green peppers.  They tasted the same as other bell peppers, but they are prettier!

Meredith enjoys some of the kettle corn we bought.

We determined it was indeed Boise's Best.  Mainly because we don't know of any other kettle corn producer in Boise.

Every time I come to the market I smell the orange-lavender bar at this handmade soap vendor.  Pretty soon I will have to buy it because half of it will be on my nose anyway.

My old home.  :-(

The buffalo meat from Brown's is good stuff.  Especially as fajitas.

One of my favorite stops, right there on the right.  Look up "Saturday" in the my dictionary and you will find a picture of mini doughnuts.

Art on the side of City Hall.  My office is on the other side.

Farmer's market flowers.  Pretty much the only thing I buy at the market that lasts a whole week until the next Saturday.

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