18 October 2010


I have a big announcement!  Well... not so big, but something very fun and hopefully useful to you.  Thanks to the encouragement of my good friend Debbi, I started a food blog.  About half of what I write concerns food anyway, so might as well give it its own space, right?  It's called Molto Gelato.  Anyone who knows me knows I love ice cream, and in my opinion gelato is the best!

I'll still be tweaking it here and there over the next few weeks (I'm not satisfied with the template yet, for one thing), but there are a few posts up already, including one about kitchen disasters.  Ironically, I haven't posted any ice cream recipes yet.  That will have to be remedied, pronto.  Some day I hope to use Molto Gelato as a kitchen journal to document the results as I bake and cook my way through every recipe I own.  Yep, all of them.  I have folders (both real and virtual) full of recipes that are just begging to be tested, not to mention two shelves of cookbooks!  No time to start like the present!

If there's a particular sweet you'd like to see me try, be sure to let me know.  I'd love to make it for you.  If you're within reasonable mailing distance... and the item is sturdy... and you're a faithful blog reader... we may be able to work something out.  *wink*

Ciao for now,


Debbi said...

I am so there!

Keith and Margaret said...

Best Wishes on your food blog. Everything looks so yummy, I would love to taste it all, but I certainly do not have the patience to create it. Maybe you could have a guest post or tips from your mom once in a while?
Aunt Margaret

Ri said...

Aunt Margaret, that's a great idea. I think my mom would love to do a guest post! And she's a much better baker than I am - I'm still trying to catch up!

Suzanne said...

I just checked out "Cake Love" by Warren Brown from the library, and it is full of gorgeous cakes. You should check it out. And I'd be happy to sample anything you tried. :)