19 July 2010


I had such a great Saturday.  Tennis lessons, crossfit, making ice cream with a friend, going out to dinner and then to the Twilight Criterium bike race downtown.  Only to be followed by this:

First of all, waking up at 3am with stomach problems is never a good sign. 

Second, I'm so thankful for friends who will go to the store for you on short notice, to get your favorite - if somewhat obscure - things, such as ginger tea.  Also thankful for moms who will listen to the whole detailed story at 8am. 

I don't think I've been this sick since I was in junior high.  I had food poisoning and Gary's mom had to drive me home from the math contest, about 20 minutes from our school, I think.  She was a brave lady for letting me ride with her.  At least I didn't treat her car the way I did my bathroom yesterday morning. 


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Deb said...

Awwwwww....hope you feel better soon!